From our Shenzhen office (Guangdong Province), we are giving support to the companies that want to buy or sell in China.



The Asian Giant is the factory of the world, therefore, our goal when somebody wants to buy in China should be limited to find the supplier that meets what we are looking for: quality, time, approvals, service, …

Quality control
By having our own staff, we can offer strict control over the entire production chain at anytime:

  • Quality: Always, we go in the mass production, to check if the product is being made as we want.
  • Timings: More and more important, we make sure that they are 100% met.
  • Certificates: We work with the best laboratories, to ensure that both, factories and products, comply with current regulations.

Logistics: We take care, if the client wants, of the import (customs, duties, transports, …) of the merchandise and we deliver it to the point, Spain or Europe, that is wanted. We have a warehouse in China, so if the customer wants to retain the goods in Asia (for any reason) we can store it.

Working with EYB is like having your own office in China!



We are currently selling “Made in Europe” products in China.

Most of the retailers and e-commerce are already our customers and we are looking for more European brands that want to start the Asian adventure.

Certificates are a very important issue, since depending on the type of products it is a very difficult and complicated task; we accompany you at all times, since it is always more practical to do it through a local company (same language, same culture, …).

A point to keep in mind is the delivery time (as in the whole world), with which we offer several solutions in this regard:

    • Use our warehouses.
    • We buy the product ourselves, we become your distributor,
    • Solutions tailored to each client.

Working with EYB is like having your own office in China!



“buy WW, sell WW”, we connects 12 internationally renowned platforms (ebay, amazon, lazada, Carrefour,FNAC, etc.) around the world, covering more than 220 countries and regions.

We have the knowledge of how to position our product within the platforms to get more sales.

We have warehouses in various parts of the world to be able to supply the products very quickly.

We also very welcome any brand products which willing to cooperate with us.